Kenya Scenic Safari

Kenya is world famous for its breathtaking landscapes.

Take this special scenic safari through Kenya and discover views and vistas beyond your wildest dreams. Using Ipix technology, this safari will take you through a world of astonishing contrasts, all within the borders of a single country.

Our Ipix tour lets you experience Kenya as though you are already there. With full 360 degree views controllable from your keyboard, you can put yourself in the picture. Take a look around and discover the wonders of this great country first hand. You will experience the wide savannah, the views from spectacular peaks, the awe inspiring Great Rift Valley and the desert wilderness of the North. Find yourself in the winding streets of Lamu Old Town, high in the treetops over a watering hole for big game or alone on a beautiful deserted beach.

Choose your environment and take our Scenic Safari through Kenya.

Just a click and you're virtually there.
WildernessStand on the great plains...
BeachesDiscover the beaches firsthand...
MountainsTake in the views from up high...
ForestsSee more than the trees..
LakesEach Lake offers something different...
DesertsGreat Wilderness..Great Adventures..
CitiesDiscover the Cities... - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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