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Kenya Specialist Safari

For hundreds of years, Kenya has drawn explorers to its shores. No matter what they were seeking, they found it here. The rich diversity of this single country has always provided something to satisfy the most curious spirit.

Whatever your interest, whatever you are looking for in a Safari destination, you will find it in Kenya.

Whether you want to record rare species of bird, ride a historic train, visit farms or consult a traditional herbalist, everything you need can be found in Kenya.

Explore some of the many options that Kenya has to offer for Specialist Safaris.

We have everything under the sun.

Take a Specialist Safari through…..
WildernessRare species, and fascinating cultures...
CoastHistory, culture, unique ecosystems...
MountainsSpecialist climbs and technical ascents...
ForestsA haven for the rare and unusual...
LakesEndless variety from Lake to Lake..
DesertsCaptivating cultures and endless adventure...
CitiesCentre's for Specialized travel
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