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Cultural Safari

The Hills and Mountains of Kenya are home to many and varied cultures.

From the sacred peak of Mt Kenya, revered as the home of God, to the black lava flows of the Chyulu Hills known locally as the "Devil", these high altitude lands are at the centre of a great range of traditional beliefs.

Take a Cultural Safari into the Mountains....
Western HighlandsAn area of great cultural significance...
Mt ElgonThe deep caves of Elgon were once an important refuge for local people...
Mt KenyaThe icy peak is revered as the home of God....
LongonotA magnificent volcano rising from Maasai grazing lands...
Loroghi HillsThe perfect place to dicover Samburu culture...
Shimba HillsLand of the mijikenda, nine united tribes...
Taita and Chyulu HillsThe caves and jet black lava flow of these hills are the source of many local legends.. - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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