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Adventure Safari

A trip to the coast doesn't have to mean just relaxation. If you are an active traveller looking for more than just sun and sand, then you'll find plenty to keep you busy on the coast. Our beaches are lined with coastal rainforest, river deltas, unspoilt wilderness and quiet villages.

By bike, horseback or on foot, you'll find the coast is the perfect place for active exploration. When you're ready for more than just the beach, there's a whole new world waiting for you.

Don't just lie there, take an adventurous safari along the coast....
LamuSet out to explore the island, by foot, dhow or donkey...
Malindi and WatamuExplore deep tropical forests, the ruins of a lost city and more...
North Coast BeachesWildlife trails and Beachside villages...
South Coast BeachesAway from the beautiful beaches, there's plenty to explore...
Tana River DeltaThe perfect Coast adventure blending beach and bush...
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