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Scenic Safari

From fantastic flocks of flamingo to the mighty inland sea of Turkana, join this scenic safari and take in the view....
Lake BaringoThe peak of Ol Kokwe island has spectacular views of the lake...
Lake BogoriaSheer cliffs surround these bubbling, boiling geothermal waters...
Lake ElmenteitaMaasai herds cross the wide plains around the Lake...
Lake MagadiEnter a lost world of salt plains and shimmering heat haze....
Lake NaivashaA freshwater lake brimming with birdlife...
Lake NakuruA world famous view of flamingos as far as the eye can see...
Lake TurkanaThe mighty Jade sea is a breathtaking vision in a parched desert landscape...
Lake VictoriaThe wide blue waters of Kenya's mightiest lake... - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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