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Wildlife Safari

Kenya is world famous for the wildlife of the great plainlands and wide open savannah.

Yet high above the plains are a series of alpine peaks, montane forests and rolling hills each one with a rich diversity of wildlife. In these high altitude environments, many unique species and ecosystems can be found.

Climb into the hills and mountains of Kenya, and take a wildlife safari into….
Western HighlandsTake a relaxing wild walk through plains and forest...
Mt ElgonTrack Elgon's Elephants into the depths of a cave...
Mt KenyaSoaring eagles and panthers on the upper slopes of the Mountain...
LongonotEncounter zebra, reedbuck and more as you climb these slopes...
Loroghi HillsTrack elusive game as you trek through the hills
Shimba HillsThe hillside refuge of the rare Sable antelope...
Taita and Chyulu HillsExcellent country for game tracking on foot... - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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