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Wildlife Safari

Kenya’s forests stretch across a wide range of habitats, from the coast, through the mountain ranges of the Rift Valley, to the equatorial rainforests of the West.

A wildlife safari these forests offer the traveller plenty to see and do. Trek along a forest trail, relax in a quiet glade where the air is filled with butterflies, or spend a night in the treetops watching elusive elephant herds gather at a waterhole.

For sheer wildlife diversity, the forests of Kenya are unmissable.

Enter the forests and take a safari into….
AberdaresLarge herds of Elephant and Buffalo pass through quiet forest glades...
Arabuko SokokeThis beautiful coastal forest is home to one of the world's rarest birds...
KakamegaA rainforest filled with life, from the foliage to the forest floor...
Mt Kenya ForestThere is plenty of game on the slopes of Kenya's highest Mountain... - the official destination website of Kenya Tourist Board
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