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Wildlife Safari

Take a wildlife safari along the floor of the Rift Valley, discovering a series of spectacular lakes along the way. From the source of the Nile at Lake Victoria to the jade waters of Lake Turkana in the arid north, Kenya’s lakes take the traveller through a world of contrasts.

The freshwater lakes are ideal places to take to the water and explore channels and shores that are rich in birdlife, hippos, crocodiles and more.

The volcanic soda lakes are home to Kenya’s world famous migratory flamingos, while freshwater springs attract game from the surrounding plains.

Set out for the lakes and take a wildlife safari into….
Lake BaringoFamous for its Hippos and crocodiles...
Lake BogoriaThese rocky shores are a refuge for the mighty Kudu, and more..
Lake ElmenteitaLarge herds graze the plains around the lake...
Lake MagadiKenya's flamingo breeding ground...
Lake NaivashaThe freshwaters of Naivasha are a magnet for wildlife...
Lake NakuruKenya's most famous acquatic spectacle...
Lake TurkanaDiscover Africa's largest population of crocodiles...
Lake VictoriaA paradise of beautiful birdlife and rare game...
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