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Wildife Safari

Nairobi is a modern city with a difference.

Just 2O minutes from the bustling city centre, the traveler can find themselves face to face with lions, rhino, buffalo and herds of zebra, giraffe, wildebeest and more.

This is not an urban zoo, but the great wilderness of Nairobi National Park, where game lives wild and free within sight of the city.

Unlike any other city in the world, Nairobi has always been committed to protecting the wilderness that surrounds it. This has created unique environment where the sight of a rare Black Rhino crossing the plains before the city skyline is commonplace.

Here, the visitor with a few free hours in the city can take a safari into the great Kenyan wilderness. See lions on the hunt, rest by a river full of hippos and crocodiles, take in a spectacular sunset, and be back for dinner in one of the cities finest restaurants. This is all possible in Nairobi.

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