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Kenya's Forests

Kenya has a wide range of forests, from coastal forest, through central high mountain forests to the thick wet rainforests of the West. These forests support more than just a diverse range of tree and plant species; they are also the territory of a wide range of wildlife, from rare chameleons to elephant herds, elusive leopards to colourful butterflies, monkey families and prolific birdlife.

Kenyan forests offer the traveller a wide range of options, from treetop lodges to trekking trails …
This thick equatorial jungle is a haven for birds, reptiles, and a remarkable range of monkeys …
The salient forests and moorlands of this highland range are home to Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, and much more ...
Arabuko Sokoke
This coastal forest offers the visitor the chance to encounter several unusual species of bird and small mammals, and a glorious range of butterflies …
Mt Kenya Forests
In the Shadow of Kenya’s highest peak, the dense highland forests are alive with game …
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