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Kenya's Unique Lakes

Kenya straddles the centre of the Great Rift Valley, the vast prehistoric fissure that stretches from Jordan to Mozambique. From the North to the South of Kenya, the valley is lined with a series of freshwater and soda based volcanic lakes.

Travelling from lake to lake is a journey through a world of contrasts: From papyrus fringed Naivasha with its abundance of birdlife, through Nakuru with its famous flamingo population, the steam geysers of Bogoria, the crocodiles and hippo of Baringo and North to the mighty Jade Sea of Turkana ...
The wide fresh waters of Lake Naivasha attract a great range of wildlife from the surrounding hills. A boat trip on the lake will let you encounter local fisherman, countless hippos and over 400 species of birds ...
Walk along the flamingo fringed shores of this beautiful lake and discover a fascinating local history ...
A living carpet of pink flamingos covers the waters of Nakuru, whose shores are a sanctuary for Rhino, lion and Leopard ...
This volcanic soda Lake is surrounded by boiling geothermal pools and steam jets, while its freshwater springs draw flamingos and plains game in great numbers …
Freshwater Lake Baringo, the traditional fishing ground of the Njemps tribe, is alive with hippos, crocodiles and a wealth of birdlife …
A vast inland sea, whose Jade waters are home to the worlds largest population of crocodiles, and whose remote shores have revealed an invaluable wealth of prehistoric fossils …
The sun baked salt flats and volcanic springs of Magadi create a unique otherworldly atmosphere ...
The source of the Nile is also the source of an abundance of Nile Perch, a greatly prized freshwater game fish …
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