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Kenya's Historical Cities

Kenya’s two largest cities have all played a vital role in the nations eventful history.

Mombasa is an island city whose magnificent fort and harbour have been centre stage for hundreds of years of turbulent history.

The beginning of the 20th century saw a railroad begin to wind its way from this port town inwards towards central Africa.

The railroad made it first distant outpost in a swampy highland plain that became the small town of Nairobi, now the Kenya's busy modern capital.

The rail link between the two cities forged a link of national unity and become the lifeblood of Kenya.

Together these two cities paint a vivid portrait of Kenya. They create a diverse melting pot of races and traditional and modern cultures, with a history as rich as the natural wealth of the country itself.
Nairobi may be outgrowing its roots as a colonial frontier town, but it remains a lively and compelling mix of cultures, commerce and community …
One of the world’s most exotic tropical ports, Mombasa’s busy Dhow harbour and bustling streets tell of a long and fascinating history ...
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