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Adventure Safari


Walking in the Reserve itself is strictly controlled and must be arranged through your lodge, camp or Safari operator.

Outside the Reserve however, there are many options for hiking and walking, especially in the attractive Loita Hills. These Hills are home to many Maasai and also attract a range of wildlife. They cover 78 square miles of forested valleys and highland plains, up to 6560 feet.

The best way to explore these hills is with a local Maasai guide, who will not only guide you safely, but also introduce you to the important Maasai beliefs and legends about this area.

A privately escorted foot safari is the best way to really experience the African bush at its best. Walking through the wilds let you explore the wild at its most pure and visceral. as you track big game, you become aware of every sight and sound, the smell of the earth and the touch of the wind. An expert tracker will teach you the signs to look for, tracks- the individual tracks and spoor, and show you how to use the wind to disguise your scent, and to move silently through thick cover and get up close and personal with the game.

When you are at close range your senses are heightened, and you become increasingly aware of the animal you are watching, how it moves and feeds, how it reacts to its environment. If the animal reacts to your presence, it can be a real adrenaline rush.

There are few experiences as exhilarating as a close encounter with an elephant, lion or buffalo. This is an experience that will make you feel more alive.

You will, of course, want to stay alive so make sure that any foot safari is undertaken by a fully trained and responsible guide.

Several Safari operators organize treks into the Loita Hills, and further a field into the Nguruman escarpment.

Horse Riding-

Horseback Safaris are now being offered in areas outside the main reserve. These safaris are a unique way of viewing game that allows you to move at ease through herds of plains game.The safaris cover a great deal of country and are best suited for experienced riders.


Special fishing expeditions to Lake Victoria can be arranged from the Mara. These include return flights from the Mara to Rusinga Island, a fishing resort that provides boats, tackle and fishing guides. Guests can either spend the night in the well-appointed lodge or return to the Mara the same day.

Balloon Safaris

For a truly unique perspective on this spectacular wilderness, dawn Balloon safaris, carried out daily from several lodges, can be booked through most Safari companies. This incredible once in a lifetime experience offers the visitor a fantastic view of the great plains of the Mara, and the chance to drift unobtrusively over the great herds below.
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