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Many of the lodges and camps have well stocked gift shops selling a wide range of items.

Definitely the most popular product to buy in this region is traditional Maasai handicrafts.

While these are found in the lodge/camp gift shops, they are also available directly from Maasai communities. When buying these goods, bargaining is the expected norm.

The shukka is the blanket seen worn by most Maasai, always red blended with black, blue or other colours. They are warm and functional blankets, ideal for the chill of early mornings on Safari.

Maasai Beadwork is astonishingly intricate and beautiful, combining thousands of tiny coloured beads with cowrie shells and leatherwork. Each of the many designs of bracelets, necklaces and ceremonial adornments has its own particular traditional meaning and purpose. Today, Maasai beading has become so popular that it is possible to find many more modern beadwork items. These include rings, watchstraps, sandals and even mobile phone covers!

Also popular are Maasai Spears, Shields, Simis (swords) and Rungus (clubs), all weapons carried by young Morans or warriors. These items are often beautifully handcrafted as well as functional. The Rungu, as well as being a formidable weapon, is also of great traditional importance. A ceremonial rungu, often decorated with beading, is always held by each speaker at a tribal gathering. The way it is held signifies a great deal about what is being said.
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