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Cultural Safari

Amboseli is part of Southern Kenyan Maasai land. Proximity to the border means that many of the Maasai in this area move back and forth with their herds into Tanzania.

Many of the lodges and camps in this area work closely with local Maasai communities. Arrangements can often be made to walk with local Maasai guides or visit Maasai villages, schools and communities around the Park. This is the perfect opportunity to meet and spend time with Maasai people.

Amboseli is surrounded by many Maasai settelments. The small town of Oloitokitok (pronounced Loytoktok) is a major Maasai centre, with fantastc views of Mt Kilimanjaro. The town hosts huge bustling markets that attract many Maasai from surrounding areas, turning the streets into a sea of bright red shukkas.

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