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Many of the lodges and camps have well stocked gift shops selling a wide range of items.

In and around Voi and Mtito Andei, many small markets and shops can be found selling local handicrafts.

Most Kenyans would agree that the best carvers in the country are the Kamba from Eastern Kenya. Traditional Kamba designs include spoons,ladles and ornate three legged stools. The popular animal carvings are a more modern design. Commonly used woods include mango wood and the roots of the Leleshwa. Fine examples of their work can be found in this region.

If you are interested in buying wood carvings in Kenya, then you should be careful which wood you buy, as the cutting of certain woods for carving purposes is leading to deforestation and environmental degradation in some parts of the country. For full information on environmentally friendly and sustainable woods, see the main Shopping section (see Related Links above)
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