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Sport Safari

Lewa Marathon

Lewa Downs, a private ranch and rhino conservation area, hosts an annual marathon through the property. This race is run over a bush course that winds its way across open plains, through forest and hills.

The race is a charity fund-raiser set up to raise money for the conservation of wildlife, in particular rhinos. The event attracts many international competitors, and is open to both professional and amateur runners.

The Lewa marathon is a race with a difference, often watched form the roadside by many of the species it has been set up to protect.

Cricket in the Wild

Kenya has a thriving cricket culture and the game is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country. The Ol Pejeta Conservancy hosts an annual event that brings together teams for a three day cricket tournament during the month of September.

This truly unique event, held in the confines of the wildlife sanctuary with a stunning view of the majestic Mount Kenya, is a must for cricket fans and good opportunity to enjoy Kenya’s great outdoors.

Rhino Charge

Another local event raising money for conservation is the annual Rhino Charge, a 4WD rally through the wilderness. The exact route for the race is never revealed in advance, but more often than not it is in the Laikipia region.

The race involves 4WD vehicles following a course through extremely rough terrain to reach a series of pre-arranged points in the fastest possible time. The course is designed with challenge in mind, and each year these off road vehicles are pushed to their absolute limits.

Rhino charge vehicles are crewed by a full team of driver, navigator and support crew. The race is definitely a light hearted affair, and is a social event in itself. Large camps are set up to support the race, and these are the venue for both pre and post race celebrations.
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