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Wildlife Safari

The thick jungle of vegetation in Meru makes game viewing both challenging and rewarding. A wildlife safari through Meru involves tracking and locating game through a range of habitats.

The Hills and Kopjes make good game spotting outposts, and getting up high is the best way to scan the horizons for herds of game. Lions are known to also take advantage of this opportunity, and can be seen hunting on these slopes for buffalo or Oryx.

The waters of the Tana river and its many streams always attract plenty of wildlife. The thick riverine forests are the best places to locate game, and are excellent birding country. Large numbers of Reticulated Giraffe, Impala, Lesser Kudu and Eland can be found around these water sources.

The best time to see game in Meru is early morning and late afternoon. In the midday heat, most animals retreat to the cool of thick undergrowth and become invisible. Morning and afternoon game drives also allow you to witness the unforgettable African dawn and sunsets.

The most common means of Game viewing here is in customized vehicles, with open roofs or sides designed for photography. The lodges in Meru can organize guided walks or night game drives for nocturnal species.

The nearby Kora National Park, and three smaller reserves of Bisanadi, North Kitui, and Rahole are all remote and wild destinations, with plenty of safari opportunities ripe for discovery.

If you have a particular wildlife or birding interest, look for a Safari operator who can offer you specialized guiding and services to suit your needs.
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