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Wildlife Safari

Visiting the South Coast means more than just lying on the beach. For those interested in wildlife, there are opportunities for game viewing in the Jadini Forest, which borders the beach by Diani. This area is good for birding, but especially good for primates. The forest is home to troops of Baboon, a large population of Vervet monkeys and the endangered Colobus.

A local group The Wakaluzu Trust is devoted to the conservation of these rare primates and their habitat. Many of the primate species of this area are threatened both by traffic on the main coastal road, and by hand feeding by tourists which encourages anti-social and unnatural behaviour. The Wakaluzu Trust works builds aerial bridges across the roads to prevent traffic casualties, and work to educate tourists against feeding monkeys. They have a centre called Colobus Cottage at Diani with plenty of information, nature trails, and can give good advice on local wildlife.

Boat trips into the mangroves and estuaries around Funzi island can be easily organized. These mangroves are excellent for birding and are also home to large populations of crocodiles.

The offshore reefs of the South Coast are rich in sea life. For more information on Diving and Snorkelling in this area see Beach Safaris.
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