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Specialist Safari

Technical Climbing

While any fit trekker has a good chance of reaching Point Lenana, the ascent to the summit, crested by twin icy peaks called Batian and Nelion is a serious 5.10 technical climb across ice, scree and rock.

Mt Kenya is considered the most challenging technical climb in Africa, and attracts experienced climbers from all over the world.

Making the summit requires both expert guiding and equipment. Climbers should be experienced and prepared and use a reputable guiding company with all required kit provided. In general, the climbing season is from July to early October.

There are around 30 technical routes, though the most frequent route to the summit is on the South East Face, approaching the mountain along the Chogoria route. This climb requires at least 5-6 days. The final approach to the summit requires a steepling ascent of a tarn before crossing the large Lewis Glacier to climb to Nelion. The following day a crossing to Batian made.

A North face ascent means a direct assault on Batian, with an overnight camp at the foot of Firmin Tower.

Anyone interested in a technical climb on Mt Kenya should contact a specialist operator for full details.

Bird Watching-

Mt Kenya and its surrounding forests are good birding country. Notable species recorded here include the Lesser Kestrel, Jackson's Widowbird, Abbots Starling, Jackson's Francolin, Hunter's Cisticola, the Crowned Eagle, African Grass Owl and Cape Eagle Owl.
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