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Adventure Safari

Trekking The high isolated passes and moorlands of Elgon make for excellent trekking. The series of craggy peaks around the caldera reaching 4321m makes for an enjoyable climb, but equally rewarding is exploring the forests, geothermal springs and caves.

Trekkers should be adequately prepared. Despite its equatorial location the Mountain can be cold, and it often rains. All trekkers should have plenty of warm clothing, and sturdy footwear.

There are several established routes on Elgon, but the Mountain lends itself to exploration and free hiking.

Local guides and Rangers are your best resource.

Guides can be booked through a trekking company or at a local camp or hotel.

Rock Climbing There is good rock climbing to be found on the cliffs of lower Elgon and Sudek. Proper equipment should be brought with you, and a guide with good local knowledge recommended.
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