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Adventure Safari

Trekking- The Hills throughout the highlands make for good trekking. One of the most popular are the Cheranganis, a series of rolling hills, gently rising to a peak of 3529 m at Kamalagon. There are extensive series of tracks and paths that wind through semi-arid scrub, farmland, open fields, and higher into dense forest.

This variety of landscape makes this a fascinating place to trek. There is excellent birding and some stunning views. Without set routes, the hills are perfect for free roaming exploration, and the uninhabited highlands are the perfect place to relax and enjoy the solitude and peace.

Local guides, available from the guesthouses, are a valuable resource, especially for birding.

There is no accommodation or facilities in the hills, so trekkers need to bring their own camping equipment, water and food.
This is also the base for treks into Saiwa Swamp National Park, one of the few that permits walking. This park has plenty of natural attractions. See the game watching section for details.

Guides can be booked through a trekking company or at a local guesthouse.

Fishing- There are good trout fishing streams in the Highlands. Bring your own tackle and ask local advice to find the best spots.
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