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Wildlife Safari

Rimoi National Reserve in the Kerio valley is a little visited reserve that plays a very important role in local Elephant migration.

The Cherengani Hills are deservedly famous for excellent birding. This is one of the last places in Kenya where the Lammergeyer, the worlds largest vulture, may be seen.

In the higher, forested slopes of the hills, small mammals and on occasion the very rare Bongo antelope are seen.

Nearby Saiwa Swamp is also good for game viewing on foot. This is a refuge for the rare Sitatunga, a large amphibious antelope, whose large splayed hooves are adapted for life in these swamplands. There are high wooden viewing platforms in trees over the swamp, and Sitatunga can often be seen from these.

The park is also home to many monkey species, including the Blue Monkey, Colobus and Debrazza . Birding around the swamp is always fruitful, with plenty of crowned crane, kingfishers and other waterfowl, Turacos and the Black and White Casqued Hornbill.
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