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Adventure Safari

Horse Riding-

Horseback Safaris are also offered at Ol Donyo Wuas in the Chyulus. These safaris are a unique way of viewing game that allows you to move at ease through herds of plains game, a truly unique equestrian experience.


The Chyulus are a great place for some wild walking, and Ol Donyo Wuas can easily organize this for guests. Tracking big game through the wilderness is one of the great safari experiences and the wild country and expert tracker-guides in this area make this the perfect game walking destination.

Specialist guides are available for longer hikes and bush and bird walks in the hills.

The Taitas are also good hill walking country, with plenty of forest, streams, caves and hills to explore, reaching 2,209 mtrs at Vuria. A local guide is advisable.


The Chyulus are cave country, and there are many laval tube caves where lengthy exploration is possible. One of the caves in the Sheitani lava flow has ladders and basic signage.Caving should only be undertaken with proper equipment, training and safety precautions- and remember that in this area there is an additional risk of disturbing resting animals including lion, leopard and buffalo. Ask local advice or contact the Cave Exploration Society of East Africa.
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