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Kakamega|Aberdares |Arabuko Sokoke|Mt Kenya Forest

Wildlife Safari

The depths of Kakamega hold a fantastic world of forest life.

In addition to the wonderful jungle atmosphere and spectacular vegetation, the forest has plenty of wildlife including many rare and endemic species.

The forest canopy rattles with the constant movement of troops of monkeys. There are countless Colobus, as well as Blue Monkeys and the Black-cheeked White-nosed Monkey. They often share the treetops with giant forest squirrels, and many birds.

This is birding heaven, with stunning Great Blue Turacos, African Grey Parrots, hornbills and plenty of forest raptors.

There is also the occasional chameleon to be found in the undergrowth.

At night, the air fills with bats and giant flying foxes. A nocturnal walk with a powerful torch will reveal the forest alive with leaping bushbabies, flying squirrels, and the rare tree pangolin and potto.

It is well worth spending a few days exploring Kakamega.
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