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Kakamega|Aberdares |Arabuko Sokoke|Mt Kenya Forest

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Every year, the Kakamega region stages a series of traditional Bullfights. This is an important part of local culture, and is considered by local residents as one of the most culturally significant events of the year.

These are not bullfights in the European sense. This is not a conflict of man against beast, but rather a conflict of beast against beast.

The competition is between two large bulls, who are brought together and allowed to fight for dominance of a large open field.The bullfights test the strength and prowess of the best bull raised in an individual village. This makes this a hotly contested competition.

The bulls are spurred on by an excited throng of onlookers, blowing traditional horns believed to encourage the bulls to fight.

These protracted bovine battles are often spectacular, lasting from five minutes to half an hour.

The bullfights are great cause for local celebrations and there are many festivities surrounding the event.Bullfights are usually held in October or to celebrate special events. Ask local advice for details.

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