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Kakamega|Aberdares |Arabuko Sokoke|Mt Kenya Forest

Wildlife Safari

The Salient forest of the Aberdares is very rich in big game. Large herds of Buffalo and Elephant are often seen, especially at the Salt Licks and waterholes of the Forest Lodges.

The impressively huge Giant forest Hog is often seen at night, and there are many leopards here, and a few Rhino. One of the rarest residents is the beautiful Bongo antelope.

In the treetops around the lodges, Colobus monkeys are often seen, while at night bushbabies and Genets slip quietly through the rafters.

There are game drives and treks possible through the Salient. The Forest Lodges are an excellent way to see game. Built high over well lit waterholes and salt licks, these lodges are visited by a procession of oblivious game throughout the day and night. This allows guests to watch the wildlife from the comfort and warmth of the lodge. This privileged position gives guests the rare opportunity to observe natural behaviour and interaction as various animals emerge from the forest.
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