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Kakamega|Aberdares |Arabuko Sokoke|Mt Kenya Forest

Adventure Safari


This is good country for an adventurous wild trek through the forest. There are no well defined trekking routes through the Aberdares, but there is a lot to explore. There is a well marked trail and observation at the beautiful Karuru Falls. From this high vantage there are also excellent views of the entire range and the distant Gura Falls.

There are also wooden walkways across the lower Chania falls.If you're feeling hot, and brave, you may wish to attempt a plunge into the icy waters here.

The lower, densely forested Salient has plenty of game, both big and small. The upper slopes have high moorlands and open plains, which are ideal for walking, rising to a summit of 4000 metres at Satima.

There are excellent views across to the snow capped peak of Mt Kenya and the surrounding plains.

Trekkers should remember that this area can be bitterly cold at night.

There are some basic campsites and huts available for trekkers.

There are specialist Trekking companies who arrange treks in the Aberdares, complete with guides and equipment.

Ranger Guides are compulsory on all treks through the Aberdares. Arrangements can be made at Park Gates and Headquarters.

Horse Riding-

Some of the lodges and hotels in this area have stables and organize rides around the foothills of the ranges. The Country club has a private game sanctuary that is open to riders. Riding in the sanctuary among herds of Giraffe, Zebra and Eland makes for an unusual equestrian excursion.


The Aberdares have plenty of streams for the Trout fisherman to explore. Excellent local trout can be found, and there are plenty of tranquil forest glades for peaceful, undisturbed fishing.

Many hotels and Lodges can organize Trout fishing trips, guides and equipment hire.
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