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Kakamega|Aberdares |Arabuko Sokoke|Mt Kenya Forest

Wildlife Safari

Arabuko Sokoke is a wonderful coastal reserve full of rare and unique species, close to excellent beaches and facilities.

Easily accessible and well managed, this reserve is perfect for a break from the beaches.

The forest is good for birding, with endemic species including the exceptionally rare Sokoke Scops Owl and Clarke’s weaver. The reserve is occasionally visited by herds of elephant and leopard, but more common mammals include the Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose, Aders Duiker and the Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew.

The forest has a good network of walking trails, and special raised viewing platforms for game viewing.

Game is best viewed on foot, with a local guide. It is possible to make arrangements to walk in the forest at night- your best chance of encountering the rare and elusive Scops Owl.

The Gedi Forest station is a wealth of information, operating nature trails, guiding services and providing good advice on local wildlife. There are excellent local guides available fro guided walks through the forest.
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