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Adventure Safari


Naivasha is great place for those who enjoy walking.

Hell’s Gate National Park is easily accessible, and unlike many other National Parks visitors are completely free to walk anywhere in the Park. There are stunning landscapes, spectacular rock towers and a lot of wildlife on offer. Walking into the lower gorge is a fascinating trek through winding rock canyons, with geothermal steam vents and hot springs along the way. The starting point for this trek can be reached by car or bicycle and there is a secure rangers post for parking. Walking the full length of the gorge takes about 4 hours. There are ranger guides available for guided hikes. See the Game Viewing Section or Parks for more details.

Crescent Island, a partially submerged volcanic crater, is a private game sanctuary with herds of wildebeest, zebra, giraffe, gazelle and other plains game. Many local lodges can organize boat trips here and visitors can then walk freely around the island among the herds of game. There is a very good local guide on the island. This is a good way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Rock Climbing-

Hell’s Gate National Park has some of Kenya’s best Rock Climbing. There are high cliffs with several possible routes, and plenty of opportunity for climbs and Abseiling. Fischer’s Tower, a large volcanic pillar, is also a good climb. There is a qualified rock climbing guide based at Hell's Gate Park HQ (by Elsa gate). Equipment and guiding services can be hired at the Park gate.

Sailing and Boating-

Lake Naivasha is an ideal place for boating, with wide open waters, fantastic surrounding scenery and plenty of channels to explore. Boats can be hired with driver/guides from many of Naivasha's lakeside lodges and camps. This is an excellent way to see plenty of birdlife and hippos up close.

Private motor and Rowing boats can also be hired from Fisherman's Camp on the Lakeshore. This is an interesting way to explore the Lake, although small boats should steer well clear of the Lake's large hippo population.

For keen sailors, there is a sailing club in Naivasha, located near Crescent Island.


Mountain Bikes are widely available for hire from Lodges and camps around the Lake. They are a great way to explore the lakeshore and an even better way to explore Hell’s Gate National Park. The Park is excellent biking country, and allows the cyclist to ride through herds of plains game.

Horse Riding-

The open plains, acacia forests and wide stretches of lakeshore around Naivasha are excellent Riding country. Several lodges and ranches in the area have good stables, horses and guiding facilities. Bookings to ride can be made through most hotels and lodges in Naivasha.
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