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Specialist Safari


Naivasha is the centre of Kenya's booming agricultural industry. The fertile conditions, altitude and proximity to Lake water have made this a major area for the growth and production of fresh cut flowers and vegetables. The flower industry has become one of Kenya's most profitable, with daily flights taking roses, carnations and other cuttings directly to the European Market. As the industry grows, exported Kenyan flowers are now also being sold in the Middle East, Australia and South Africa. The industry has done a great deal for local economies and employment, and Naivasha has become the focus for the trade.

Several farms are open to tourists visiting the farm, and touring the greenhouses and facilities. Some also like to show visitors the efforts they are making locally to protect the environment and using self regulation to make the industry sustainable and equitable.

Ask your safari operator or Naivasha hotel if they can arrange an Agro-tour .

Bird Watching-

This is an important birding area, and the entire region is a popular destination with specialist birding tours. Naivasha has over 400 recorded bird species. The waters of the Lake obviously attract many waterbirds including the continent's highest concentration of African Fish Eagles, many Goliath Heron, Jacanas, Pied and Malachite Kingfisher, Red-knobbed coot, Spoonbills, Little Grebe, rare Maccoa Duck, African Darters and Saddle Billed Stork.

The shores and forests of the lake are also excellent birding territory, while the cliffs of Hell's Gate National Park are and important nesting area for many raptor species.
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