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Wildlife Safari

Lake Baringo is well known for two of its waters’ residents- Hippo and Crocodile. There is plenty of both here, and visitors have no trouble seeing either.

The crocodiles are often seen lying on the shores or swimming through the shallows hunting waterfowl.

Hippos are seen in the lake on boat trips, and at Lakeside lodges and camps, they are seen at night grazing the lawns- a memorable sight for overnight guests. Most visitors are amazed when they see just how large a hippo is when it emerges from the water. It is an awe-inspiring vision, even more so when they are grazing a few feet from the door of your tent. Hippos are a common cause of sleepless nights for lakeside campers.

The Lake has an abundance of fish, and as a direct result, an abundance of Fish Eagles, cormorants and pelicans. The lake is a well known birding destination, with a local record set at 300 species recorded in a single hour at the Baringo Club.

Boat trips are the best way of exploring this area.

Baring is home to a Community Museum and Reptile Park, which was opened in 2003. The Museum has been established to educate local people and visitors about reptile species. The Museum/Reptile Park was created in conjunction with the Museum National d’ Histoire Naturelle in Paris. The French Government has provided the Community Museum project with technical assistance, and played an active role in establishing the Baringo Museum.

The museum is open daily, displaying several species of snakes, including the Black Mamba, Puff Adder, Boomslang and Spitting Cobra as well as Monitor Lizards, Crocodiles and a central pit shared by endangered tortoises and harmless Stripe Bellied Sand Snakes.

Trained staff are on hand to answer queries and give visitors guided tours. The museum works very closely with the Baringo community to educate local people about reptiles and their role in local ecology.

Ol Kokwe Island in the middle of the lake is an ideal place for birding, but also for sighting plenty of crocodiles and monitor lizards at the waters edge.
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