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Many of the lodges and hotels in this area have well stocked gift shops.

There are a wide range of local handicrafts on sale in markets here, particularly the attractive basketwork of Luo communities.

Luo communities also produce attractive and functional pottery. Two common forms of pottery are the small osiglo pots used to store herbs, traditional medicines and cooking fat and the large dak used to brew a potent traditional beer.

The Kisii people of Western Kenya are gifted stone carvers. They use a locally quarried soapstone to produce a range of carvings. The most popular items are small animals, chess pieces based on traditional African designs and more functional items such as egg cups, soap dishes, coasters and ash trays.

The soapstone here varies in colour from white (the easiest to carve) through various shades of pink to a deep lustrous red (the most difficult to carve).
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