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Sport Safari

Boat Races Lake Victoria is Kenya's major centre for freshwater fishing. Traditionally designed fishing boats called Ssese Canoes are commonly used by local fishermen. These craft, averaging 12 foot in length are rowed by several crew, and use nets for offshore fishing.

Local fishing organizations occasionally organize rowing races among local fishermen. These races attract plenty of competitors, and are an enjoyable social event for Lakeside villages.

Ask local advice for details of when a race is being held.

Boda Boda Racing A Boda Boda is a bicycle taxi used as transport throughout this region. they are commonly used as transport to the nearby Ugandan border- hence the name, derived from English Border-Border. To be a successful Boda Boda driver requires strength and endurance. During festivals and celebrations in this region, races are often organized, taking on such local importance that the are run like professional cycling events. If you are in or around Kisumu during a local festival or cause for celebration, you might be lucky enough to witness one of these races.

Golf There is Golf available in this area. For details on Kenya's golf courses, select Golf Courses from the main menu on the left.
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