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Maralal and Beyond|Marsabit and Beyond

Adventure Safari


There is excellent trekking in the Loroghi Hills. See the Loroghi Hills section in the Mountains section for more details.


The rough terrain and open spaces of this region make for challenging and rewarding mountain biking. Bikes are available locally for hire, but care should be taken in choosing a bike. At the annual Maralal Camel Derby, there is a challenging cycling race.
Anyone considering travelling by bicycle in this area should come adequately prepared. See the Cycling section in Travellers Guide for details.

Camel Safari-

Samburu land is camel country, and an ideal place for a camel safari.

For a longer safari, there are many possibilities out of Maralal and Wamba. The high and beautiful Matthews Ranges offer excellent camel trekking.

The camel is perfectly adapted to this landscape and is widely used throughout Northern Kenya. They are usually used for pack animals rather than riding, and are ideal as back up on a trek through the bush. Camels with saddles are usually also supplied for those who want to ride.

Many camel safaris either carry all camping equipment and supplies with them, or use vehicle back up to set up camp ahead of your arrival at a prearranged spot. Gifted Samburu guides, for whom a camel train through the wilderness is a way of life, will introduce you to the bush and the local wildlife.

This is a once in a lifetime experience, walking through the bush with only the sounds of the wild and the soft tinkling of the camel bells, you will find yourself travelling at a relaxed pace, moving through the wild in tune with the rhythms of nature.
See general information on this region....
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