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Maralal and Beyond|Marsabit and Beyond


Around Maralal, many small markets and shops can be found selling local handicrafts.

This region is the best place to buy traditional Samburu handicrafts.

While these are found in the lodge/camp gift shops, they are also available directly from Samburu communities. When buying these goods, bargaining is the expected norm.

Samburu Beadwork is astonishingly intricate and beautiful, combining thousands of tiny coloured beads with leatherwork. Each of the many designs of bracelets, necklaces and ceremonial adornments has its own particular traditional meaning and purpose.

Also available are functional items such as spears, water-carrying gourds, and neck rests, small wooden props that are used as pillows by the Samburu.

Northern Kenya is also a good place to find handicrafts from further North. Somali Bracelets and Daggers are widely available in Maralal, as are items of silver Ethiopian Jewelry.
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