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Maralal and Beyond|Marsabit and Beyond

Adventure Safari

Trekking- This is a good area to explore on foot, and there are many interesting hikes out of Marsabit town. There are plenty of interesting local sites within walking distance, including some impressive volcanic craters. Just outside Marsabit are a series of Borana wells. These deep wells are used to water herds of cattle.

The depth of each well means that several men have to descend into the well, and use a chain of buckets to transfer water up to the waiting herds. These wells are found throughout this area, and are vital to the survival of the Borana.

Hiring a local guide is advised.

Mountain/Rock Climbing-The impressively stark massif of Ol Olokwe, south of Marsabit, has some excellent climbing routes. Ropes and Equipment, and a guide with some good local knowledge are all required.
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