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Nairobi - Kenya's Capital City|Mombasa

Specialist Safari

Museum Tours

The National Museum Society organizes specialized bird walks and other local excursions around Nairobi. They also arrange special lectures and films at the Museum on a regular basis. Ask at the Museum for details.

Nairobi National Parks Walks

Guided Bird and Nature walks in Nairobi National Park are organized and led by members of an organization called Friends of Nairobi National park (FONNAP). The group can be contacted through Nairobi National Park HQ. They are a useful source of information on the Park,and work hard to protect and plan for its future.

Bird Watching

Nairobi National Park is excellent birding country, with 516 recorded species. This includes many rare species such as the Crowned Eagle, which nests in the forests, as well as the Red Throated Tit, Jackson’s widow bird, Common Ostrich, and the Yellow billed Oxpecker among herds of game. Organized bird Walks here are often available, see Park HQ or Friends of Nairobi National Park.


Much of Nairobi is surrounded by coffee and tea country. Tea plantations can be found on the hills around Limuru and Tigoni. (For more information on Kenyan tea see Related Links above) On lower ground at kiambu are large coffee plantations, producing top grade arabica coffee for the international and local markets. Kenyan coffee is considered one of the world's best and competes successfully with the best Latin American crops.

Near Kiambu is Kiambaa, popularly known as "Millionaire's Row" due to the lucrative local coffee production. This ridge is considered Kenya's best coffee growing area, with the perfect altitude, climate and conditions.

Consult your tour company or make local enquiries if you would like to visit one of these estates.
See general information on this region....
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