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Nairobi - Kenya's Capital City|Mombasa


Shopping in Nairobi, you can find the best from all over Kenya.

Throughout the city and its suburbs, there are a range of supermarkets, shopping centres, large open markets and city stores. The largest shopping centres are the Sarit Centre, a very modern mall in Westlands, the YaYa Centre near Hurlingham and the Village Market in Gigiri.

In the centre of the town is the large City Market, selling a great selection of produce, including fruit, vegetables, flowers, fruit, fish and meat. This colourful Market is an interesting place to visit, and a good place to find local handicrafts.

Kariakor Market, located just outside town off racecourse Road, is another excellent market for handicrafts, in particular for good and reasonable priced sisal basketwork. This very lively market, named after the Colonial 'Carrier Corps' (Karia-kor) who were once stationed here. Kariakor is renowned all over town as the best place to sample real traditional Kenyan food. There are many small shops and eateries attached to the market selling a wide range of traditional cuisines.

Nairobi city and the surrounding suburbs also have many shops selling traditional arts and crafts.In Biashara street, many shops deal in handicrafts and especially cloth from the coast, with good tailoring services available.

Kitengela Glass Studios, located just outside the city of Nairobi, provides the perfect location for a day shopping trip, ideal for the entire family. Visitors have the opportunity to see the artistic styles of the local skilled artisans as they transform recycled glass and scraps of other materials into beautiful works of art, jewellery and home-ware. The wide variety of glass hand made products available at Kitengela make exceptional gift items.

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For the best range and prices in art and handicrafts, Nairobi hosts three separate open Markets:

Tuesdays - Globe Cinema Roundabout, City Centre

Fridays - Village Market, Gigiri

Saturdays - High Court Grounds (CBD)

Sundays - Yaya Center

In these large bustling Markets, traditional handicrafts from all over Kenya, and Africa, are on sale. Bargaining is the expected norm, and there are certainly bargains to be found.

Nairobi is also home to many unique boutique shops, modern art objects, paintings, clothing and jewelry.
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