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Wildlife Safari

The Malindi area and the North Coast offer excellent opportunities for wildlife safaris. The beaches themselves are good birding country. The waters of Mida Creek near Watamu is a paradise of waders and shore birds. See Specialist Safari for more details on Bird Watching.

One of the best destinations for game viewing is the Arabuko Sokoke Forest, south of Malindi near Gedi and Watamu.This is a wonderful reserve, full of rare and unique species. The forest is good for birding, with endemic species including the exceptionally rare Sokoke Scops Owl and Clarke’s weaver. The reserve is occasionally visited by herds of elephant and the occasional leopard, but more common mammals include the Sokoke bushy-tailed mongoose, Aders Duiker and the Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew. There are extensive walking trails and raised viewing platforms for visitors. There is also limited vehicle access.

Excellent local Guides are available for walks through the reserve.

The Gedi Forest station is a wealth of information, operating nature trails, guiding services and providing good advice on local wildlife. For more on information on the forest, see the Related links above.

An ideal way to spend a morning or afternoon in Watamu is to visit the mangroves and estuaries of Mida Creek. This creek is home to a fantastic range of bird life, and there are countless winding channels and estuaries to explore. There is an extended wooden mangrove walkway along the creek shore, with highly trained local guides and informative signboards along the way. The walkway is run by a local conservation charity AROCHA and is accessible from the main Malindi road. Excursions can be arranged from local hotels.

At the Kipepeo Butterfly Farm at Gedi, a conservation project works with local people to produce butterflies for the international market. The farm is an interesting place to visit, with lots of good information on local conservation.

Anyone with an interest in Snakes should definitely visit BioKen Snake Farm in Watamu. This farm produces snake venoms for antivenin purposes, and has a wide range of local species on display. The Farm is run by James Ashe, who has devoted his life to the study and protection of snakes, and has a wealth of local knowledge on the subject.

Bioken is the base for Kenya Snake Safaris, an outfit that specializes in safaris tracking, catching and releasing the 'Big Five' African snakes: The Python, Cobra, Puff Adder, Boomslang and Mamba. These camping safaris are a real adventure, visiting some of Kenya's best wildlife regions, and incorporate game viewing, bush walking, river rafting and visiting remote villages and sacred sites.

This safari should not be missed by anyone looking for a real African adventure. To see a full feature article on Snake Safaris Click Here

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