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Adventure Safari

Trekking- There are good walking trails through the Arubuko Sokoke forest, and excellent guides are available from the Forest Station. These walks are the perfect way to explore the reserve, and an ideal way to spend a few relaxing hours. A series of varied trails and circuits let you walk for as long, and as far, as you prefer. A further board walk along the Mangroves at Sudi Island, Mida Creek has now been established.

Organized 10 kms runs through the reserve are organized each week. Ask at the Forest Station or Park HQ for details. The forest is easily accessible from Malindi, Gedi, or Watamu. For more information on the forest, see the Related links above.

The long, usually deserted beaches of Watamu are also ideal for long walks.

Cycling- The quiet villages and beachside roads around Malindi and in Watamu are readily explored by bicycle. This gives you freedom, fresh air and exercise. Bicycles are one of the most common forms of transport in this area, and on most paths and roads you will encounter other cyclists. Local people will always be willing to help out with directions and advice, and are often quite keen to meet and talk with visitors to Kenya.This is a great way to meet Kenyans, and learn more about life in this area.

Bicycles can be hired locally all along the coast either from hotels or private operators. Check the condition of the tyres, chain and frame before hiring a bike. See the Getting Around section in Traveller's guide for more details.

Horse Riding- Several hotels in this region can arrange hire of horses and riding guides. The wide white beaches here are perfect for riding. Late afternoon is a great time to ride, with the sea breeze through your hair and the sunset turning the water to gold, galloping the length of this beach, this is an unforgettable way to end the day.

Snakes Safaris Anyone with an interest in Snakes should definitely visit BioKen Snake Farm in Watamu. This farm produces snake venoms for antivenin purposes, and has a wide range of local species on display. The Farm is run by James Ashe, who has devoted his life to the study and protection of snakes, and has a wealth of local knowledge on the subject.

Bioken is the base for Kenya Snake Safaris, an outfit that specializes in safaris tracking, catching and releasing the 'Big Five' African snakes: The Python, Cobra, Puff Adder, Boomslang and Mamba. These camping safaris are a real adventure, visiting some of Kenya's best wildlife regions, and incorporate game viewing, bush walking, river rafting and visiting remote villages and sacred sites.

This safari should not be missed by anyone looking for a real African adventure. Day trips to find snakes in the Watamu region are also possible. To see a full feature article on Snake Safaris Click Here

For SCUBA, Snorkelling, Boating and Deep Sea Fishing, see Beach Safari.

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