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"...Many people dissuaded me from coming to Kenya, saying the country was not yet safe to visit. But I insisted that I would come and here I am. I feel quite safe. I didn't feel anything different from the way I have felt during my previous visits. There is tranquility here. People should not shy away from visiting Kenya. Life in Kenya is natural and beautiful..."
British super model Naomi Campbell speaking from Lion in the Sun Beach Resort, Malindi Dated:Mon, 24 March 2008

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British Couple Weds in Kenya

"...My friend and I have just returned from our first trip to Kenya despite the concerns of our misguided friends. We stayed in Nairobi and also travelled to Samburu and the Mara. As soon as I stepped off the plane in Nairobi there was a noticeable sense of ease. We were enchanted by the country and the people, and at no time felt anything but 100% safe and relaxed. The magic that is Kenya was cast upon me, and I can't wait to return very soon. I hope that everyone feels reasured to submerge themselves in this wonderful land very soon..."
Jacky – UK Dated:Tue, 19 February 2008

"...We are on the cruise and everything is great. The safari was great... We saw all the prime animals and really enjoyed the birds too. The political problems are really exaggerated by the media. We felt safe all the time and never saw a single reason for concern... we saw a lot of the country on the drive from Nairobi to Mombasa..."
John and Cheryl Hoven from USA - Dated:Sun, 10 Feb 2008

"...Some of our family members weren't happy about us coming but after we thought of the local staff and what would happen to them if nobody came on holiday, we decided to stick to our plans. We are having a great time..."
Joan Usher, who has been to Watamu every year since 1999

"...My partner and I have been regular travelers to Kenya since 2004 and our most recent trip in December was possibly the best we've ever had there. The Mara remains my favourite place on earth, untouched by political mania and we are already planning our next visit..."
Sue Brodie, UK

"...Of course we were apprehensive when we heard what was going on, but we had planned this for months and there was no way we could pull out... We have seen nothing of the violence which was on the news every night back home. Our trip has been wonderful, but it is so sad that there are so few other people here..."
Jeff Banks who recently married his wife, Caroline in a Maasai Mara lodge

"...Yes, horrible political violence has been going on in Kenya. But it has not been going on in the resorts north and south of Mombasa, in the wildlife reserves that are the finest in Africa, or in the plush hotels in Nairobi in which holidaymakers might spend a night before heading off on safari or to the beach..."
Chris Gray - TTG deputy news editor
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“...I am writing from Diani Beach in Kenya.

Having lived for over 22 years in countries that at the time were Italian Colonies, such as: Etiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. Having studied in Nairobi when Kenya was a British Colony, I consider myself a White African.

Every year I return for a long holiday to Diani, where I spend over a month at the Leisure Lodge and Golf Resort, a wonderfull sea side place near Mombasa. This year, eventhow our Government advised Italian citizens non to come to Kenya, announcing great dangers which could have ended in a civil war, I took an empty plane from Milan and landed in Mombasa.

Before leaving Italy I had called John Mutua, a great friend of mine (manager of Leisure Lodge) a kenyan who is considered a real expert in turism.

He told me: “Lea come down. Here there is no danger.”

It happened on the 4th of January. Ten days after, following my example, some relatives of mine arrived. Yesterday after other allarming news in the Italian papers concerning the risk in this country, Kenya elected its 10th Parlament in which the Speaker is a representative of the opposition.

Would’nt it be wonderfull if Il Giornale (the paper on which I write since the 24th of june 1974) could tell people that have lost money paying for air tickets and Hotel reservation that they can come back to Kenya. On the Coast nothing has ever happened.

In Diani there is also a group of Italian residents that tried their best to convince turists to come back. Many of them have small commercial activities that have been damaged and risk to close down because of this great alarm.

I understand that good news are no news while bad news cover the front pages of the papers around the world, but let me try and explain to those who believe in me my point of view.

Thanking you for the attention, Lea Pericoli..."
Italian celebrity, Lea Pericoli

"... By printing a few clinical words on a website about whether we can travel or not the Foreign Office made about one million Kenyans destitute almost immediately. We have taken plenty of calls recently by frustrated passengers, not put off by headlines, desperate still to travel; we are delighted they can now. We have plenty of groups over the next few months and bookings for later on in the year during migration are holding up pretty well..."
Paul Goldstein, Kenya specialist at Exodus

“…It is sad to see guests leaving but I do not feel any security threat, and I will stay until my holiday ends. However, seeing what we have seen on TV and reading the newspapers, it is scary…”
Mr. Dieter Filitz - a German who has visited the country 16 times since 1995 - Dated: Sat, 12 Jan 2008

"...With all best wishes, and thanks for the reassurances which helped us to stick to our decision not to cancel our visit to Kenya. Thank goodness we came. It was better than ever!...this is definitely the predator capital of the world.."
Brian Jackman - A Leading British Travel Writer who specializes in writing about Safaris in Africa

“…This is the most beautiful country in the world…We have known the country to be peaceful and democratic and we really cannot believe it happened in Kenya… Friends have been calling us from home wanting to know how the situation is so that they can come to enjoy the holidays… If the tourism industry goes down, it is the nice people of Kenya who will feel the pinch because there will be massive job cuts, Kenyans will find it difficult to survive. Families and other people who depend on tourism will suffer…”
Mr. Tiber - a 66-year-old retired retailer from the UK

"...We were already here when the trouble started, if our government wanted to take us home, they would have had to carry us out kicking and screaming. We were happy to stay... "
Sandra Peck - Manchester, UK - Dated: Sat, 12 Jan 2008

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