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A wedding in Kenya is an ideal opportunity for the bride, groom and guests to experience the romance and adventure of a Kenyan honeymoon. While the idea of arranging a wedding in a foreign country may seem daunting, the legalities of marrying in Kenya can be readily arranged by the local authorities or by a travel agency.

The major choice facing couples considering a Kenyan wedding is choosing the backdrop for the day. Weddings can also be arranged in the bush, in tented wilderness camps, riverbanks, in remote safari lodges, or wherever your imagination may take you.

Kenyan weddings can be informal and relaxed- barefoot on the beach or relaxing under canvas- or completely formal, with black ties and wedding gowns in the bush. This cocktail of formality and wilderness has become a trademark of Kenya’s romantic safari lifestyle- and is easier to arrange than you think.

Kenya’s many private game ranches and lodges all make ideal secluded wedding venues- and a special wedding-honeymoon package can be arranged for both the couple and their guests.

When it comes to Honeymoons, Kenya- long recognized as one of the most romantic destinations on earth- has a range of options for couples looking fora personal paradise of peace and privacy.

Many safari companies can arrange a small and secluded camp for two complete with famous Star beds for the ultimate romantic setting. Your bed is positioned under the stars, beneath a fine insect net, with candlelight, champagne, and an astronomical feast overhead.

If you really want to relax in total seclusion and privacy, private houses are available for rent. Kenya has an incredible range of private houses, many of them fully staffed and catered, that give you freedom to do and stay as you choose- and all for a surprisingly affordable budget.

These houses range from Swahili mansions on the island of Lamu to Private Wilderness retreats in areas adjoining some of Kenya’s best known game reserves and Parks.

When you are planning your wedding- let your imagination run wild and consider Kenya- for a truly unforgettable day.
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