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 Feature Archive 

Feature Archive
Anyone looking for total relaxation, inner tranquility, health and peace will find a haven at Shaanti, a new holistic health resort overlooking a beautiful stretch of beach on Kenya’s Southern Coast. With Yoga, Ayuverdic medicine, massage and cuisine, Shaanti offers a total spa experience…

Most tourists come to Kenya for a close enounter with African wildlife- and you don’t get much closer than being kissed by a Giraffe. This is a common occurrence at the Giraffe Centre, a conservation and education centre located just outside Nairobi, where visitors learn about these gentle giants through intimate experience…

KITE SURF IN KENYA (02/01/2005)
The Trade Winds of the Kenya coast have brought the world to our shores for centuries. Now they are attracting devotees of the ocean’s latest thrilling action sport- Kitesurfing. Perfect wind conditions, beautiful tropical beaches and ready access to Kenya’s world famous game parks make this the most exciting new destination for ocean borne adventure…….

Kenya will be coming to cinema near you with the release of Maasai: The Rain Warriors, a stunning and highly original adventure story that is unlike any other film you have ever seen. Shot on location in the wilds of Kenya, this is the tale of an epic trek by a group of Maasai warriors to break a supernatural drought…

FEEL AT HOME IN KENYA (09/10/2004)
The words “Home Away from Home” may not spring to mind when you think of Kenya- but many people are discovering that away from the safari camps and beach resorts, private houses and villas are a private, comfortable and affordable way to spend your safari. Kenya has hundreds of houses to choose from to suit all budgets in a wide range of locations –beach, bush, mountains and lakes…..

SEVEN PLACES TO SEE.... (08/01/2004)
People all over the world are reading the bestselling travel guide “1000 Places to see before you die…”- a self described “Life List for Travellers” listing destinations, attractions and experiences that should never be missed by any seasoned traveler. Anyone looking to tick off pages in their copy is best advised to book a ticket to Kenya, where seven of the books top spots can be found within easy reach…

Kenya has always been Africa’s prime safari destinations, and for one hundred years, travelers have started their great adventure from the front steps of East Africa’s first hotel- The Norfolk. This year, the hotel celebrates a century of romance and adventure in style…

When asked what drew them to Africa, many visitors mention the cultures and the wildlife, and the way in which mankind has coexisted with nature since time immemorial. In today’s changing world, however, this precious balance is becoming increasingly threatened. Kenya however has become a world leader at developing and promoting tourism projects that work hand in hand with local communities and conservation….

SAIL INTO HISTORY (01/15/2004)
Historical tours are often lifeless journeys through the dusty corridors of museums and the preserved ruins of the past. Not so on a new safari off the Kenyan coast- sailing aboard a dhow into a remote island archipelago where tradition, culture and history remain alive and are the soul of a lifestyle untouched by the changing centuries.

Kenya has 126 species of Snakes- yet most visitors to the country leave without seeing one of these shy and elusive reptiles. The question is- What if you would actually like to see one? An all new Specialized Safari outfit is offering a Kenya Snakes Safari- a genuine adventure that combines wild walks, river rafting, visits to witch doctors caves and tracking down Kenya’s top 5 snake species….

Kenya has long been considered one of the world’s great undiscovered Golfing destinations, but more and more travelling golfers are now packing clubs on safari. We have 38 courses, of which 12 are 18-hole and 10 are used for championship events, in locations as varied as high altitude plains, beautiful lakeshores, lush forests, tropical beaches and more….

2003 has been an opportunity for Kenya to celebrate its great cultural wealth- with the launch of MABOOMBOOM, a festival taking a retrospective look at 40 years of cultural independence- and the growth of music, art and dance from time honored traditions to the modern cutting edge….

SKYDIVING KENYA (02/03/2003)
There are many ways to see Kenya on safari, but how about from 14,000 feet above the ground, falling earthwards at 120 miles per hour? For adrenaline junkies, the Kenyan coast has become the latest hot spot for aerial adventure- where the equatorial atmosphere at sea level can give skydivers more than a minute of full freefall over the beautiful blue Indian Ocean, before touching down on pure white sands on one of the world’s best beaches….

SCUBA SAFARI (10/28/2002)
On the 27th October, the MV Dania was sunk off the coast of Kenya. This was no maritime disaster, but a planned operation to create one of Africa’s finest and most accessible wreck dives. This is just one of the many attractions to be found in Kenya’s other great safari destination: An underwater wonderland of incredible reefs, spectacular sea- life, and a range of sub aqua experiences from the chilled to the challenging…

Kenya has recently taken the sporting world by storm, building on an already impressive reputation for athletic prowess with a string of wins in major international events. The secret of Kenya’s athletic success lies high in the beautiful hills of the North Rift Valley. If you are a keen runner looking to take the ultimate training trip, head to the Western Highlands and come home a winner…

2002 has been declared the International Year of the Mountain. With a wide variety of peaks and ranges, this gives Kenya plenty to celebrate. But above all others stands magnificent Mt Kenya. With excellent trekking, wonderful wildlife, intriguing local mythology and the continent’s most challenging technical ascent, there has never been a better time to discover Kenya’s greatest high altitude attraction…

For the past month, the attention of the world has been focused on Shaba Reserve in Northern Kenya. Every week, the beautiful wilderness of Shaba is the backdrop for Survivor Africa, the world’s biggest game show. Explore this region and find out how you can take a safari into Survivor country. Com...

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