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The whale shark, the world’s largest fish, is an elusive, highly migratory oceanic fish that occasionally ventures to a handful of coastlines.

The Kenyan coast has in the recent past seen an increase in whale shark population and in the months of February-March each year, there is almost guaranteed sightings of these elusive giants.

The annual whale shark satellite tagging expedition on Kenya’s beautiful south coast is on again. You now have the chance to meet world renowned scientists and underwater videographers as they go through the rigorous exercise of whale shark tagging.

This year, the East African Whale Shark Trust in partnerships with research teams from San Diego, California and a team of underwater videographers from Europe will pitch camp at Diani and Watamu for a two week tagging expedition starting February 18th, 2008.

The exercise is aimed at increasing protection afforded to the biggest fish in the ocean which have been a target globally for their valuable fins and liver. East African Whale Shark Trust aims to provide a research centre for collecting and analyzing data on the local whale shark population, its habits and movements.

This year’s event promises to be a landmark adventure in research and education and a huge exciting step for Kenya’s conservation prospects along the coast.

Visitors staying at the beach resorts along the south coast can join in on daily whale shark safari’s lasting 4 hours. This one of a kind expedition is simply one you can’t afford to miss. Whale sharks are mostly seen on the surface hence divers and snorkelers can swim with this gentle, curious creature while watching the research teams go through the delicate tagging process.

Daily trips are scheduled to depart by boat from Pinewood Village in Diani every morning. A spotter plane will be available to assist in locating the whale sharks which can be difficult to spot at times.

This is truly a memorable experience and helps to support research and conservation.

For bookings please contact Nimu on +254720293156 or email

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