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'Eating traditionally for health and adventure...' That is the theme for the Amaica Traditional Food festival which takes place in Nairobi from the 9th to 10th of May 2008. The two day event will show case the best traditional foods from various regions in Kenya.

Kenya has a wide range of traditional cuisines on offer drawn from its rich traditional culture. From her lush fertile highlands and an idyllic tropical coast, a great and varied wealth of food is available throughout the entire country.

Eating is considered a communal ceremony that brings people together in both traditional and modern Kenyan societies. The Amaica traditional food festival is geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle by reviving interest and appreciation of traditional foods as well as preserving cultural identity and pride.

Due to urbanization and fast lifestyles especially in the urban setting where time and resources demand instant meals solutions, a majority of people are moving away from eating quality nutritious indigenous foods to fast foods and genetically modified packaged foods.

Visitors to this event will be treated to traditional food exhibitions and food sampling selected from Western Kenya, Coast, Central, Eastern, the Rift Valley and North Eastern region.

There is plenty to learn on the importance of traditional foods which are nutritious and have medicinal value. Cultural performances and food processing competitions are also planned to add to the excitement of the entire event.

All over Kenya, the climate is ideal for dining, whether indoor or outdoors. In many camps, lodges and restaurants, meals are served outside, letting you enjoy a feast with a view. From a bush breakfast after an early morning game drive to a sundowner while viewing of one of Kenya's spectacular sunsets, or simply dinning in one of Kenya's many world class restaurants, one is without doubt spoilt for choice.

The Amaica Traditional Food Festival will be held at Amaica Restaurant located on the roof top of China Centre Complex, along Ngong road.
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