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Kenya, home to the greatest marathon runners in the world is inviting international and local runners to run with the worlds greatest in the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon on Sunday 26th October, 2008.

This rare opportunity to run alongside some of Kenya’s greatest runners is now open for registration.

The race will wind its way through the streets of the capital, and will see top Kenyan Marathon superstars joining a host of local and international competitors.

The Nairobi marathon launched the first ever Standard Chartered Greatest Race on Earth series in 2004/05, and again this year Nairobi hosts the first stage that will see other marathons being held in Singapore, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

Thousands of enthusiastic fans are expected to line the race route, savouring the spectacle and contributing to the exciting atmosphere.

Racers will be able to choose their course- either the full 42 Km Marathon or a 10km road race (open to individual competitors or corporate teams) or a 2.5 km Family Fun Run.

For more information Visit The Greatest Race on Earth Website.

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