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British Super model Naomi Campbell chose Kenya as her Easter holiday destination. She jetted into the tourist town of Malindi over the weekend and was full of positive messages for foreign tourists.

In a rare interview with foreign journalists at the exclusive Lion in the Sun Beach resort, the super model had this to say about Kenya...

“Many people discouraged me from coming to Kenya, saying the country was not yet safe to visit. But I insisted that I would come and here I am. I feel quite safe. I didn't feel anything different from the way I have felt during my previous visits. There is tranquility here. People should not shy away from visiting Kenya.”

“Life in Kenya is natural and beautiful,” she added. Her visit to Kenya is a major boost for Kenya’s tourism that is gradually taking off following the post election slump.

This was not her first visit to the country though. Naomi Campbell has made several visits to Kenya, Malindi being her choice destination. The small town of Malindi is at the center of a strip of relaxing tropical beach with a range of world class hotels and resorts. Malindi offers a serene and calming tropical setting, an ideal getaway destination.

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