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The Annual Maralal Camel Derby will be flagged off on August 1st 2008, starting 3 days of festivities in this remote desert outpost. The quiet town of Maralal, about 348 kms North of Nairobi, is considered the gateway to Kenya’s wild and arid North, and is a mecca for adventurers, nomads and camels.

This is real camel country, and the single humped dromedary camel is a vital part of life for many of Northern Kenya’s nomadic people. Each year, the Camel Derby brings colour and action to the streets of Maralal as the finest Camels in the North gather for the big race.

While most of Kenya’s camel rearing communities do not ride them- using them as pack animals- they are excellent handlers and judges of an animals strength and potential for speed.

Winning the Derby is a great local honour, and each year the title is hotly contested. But this by no means a purely local event. Maralal is a haven for nomadic cultures, and that includes travellers from all over the globe. The Town is a popular stopover for travellers looking for adventure in Kenya’s Northern Frontier District - one of Africa’s last great unspoilt wilderness areas.

For anyone visiting the area around this time, attending the Derby is a must. The three day race event is a chance to experience culture, colour, action and adventure first hand. This is not just a spectator sport - if you are going to attend the derby, why not saddle up and join in?

For more information, please Vist or email the organizers.
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