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The PGA European Challenge Tour gets underway in Nairobi from 6th to 9th March marking the start of the 16th edition of the Kenya Open at the Karen Golf and Country Club.

The 2008 Tusker Kenya Open, the opening event for this year's European Challenge Tour, has attracted 150 golfers from all over the world and is currently the second oldest event under the PGA European Challenge Tour.

For the travelling golfer, teeing off in one of Kenya’s many world class golf courses makes for a perfect break from a safari. Kenya’s weather is ideal for golf all year round making it one of the world’s top golfing destinations.

Kenya’s courses offer international golfing standards and some of the world’s finest design and landscaping. Our golf and country clubs have the best facilities in the region and high quality service built on Kenya’s reputation for welcoming warmth.

The Tusker Kenya Open continues to grow with each passing event. The list of past champions taking part this year underlines the increasing strength of the tour and that of Kenya as a preferred destination of choice not only for golfers but business and leisure travelers alike.

A round of golf in Kenya can often be a nature walk in itself, with a remarkable profusion of bird life and greenery surrounding the greens. No matter how you want to spend your time on or off the course, you’ll find plenty of options.
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